Steelworks Cutlery (2011)

A study in tactility and attention to detail

I’ve always loved cutlery and the way it represents both beauty, tactility and functionality. In my opinion, working with cutlery is the essence of product design! I love the required attention to detail and they way the form somehow is translates from your fingertips. This makes it one of the most complex and exciting projects you can work with as a designer. For exactly this reason the Steelworks projects was inititated as a case study and exploration without a specific client involved.

I believe products like cutlery should be used everyday, and not be designed for fancy and special occasions. They must withstand tear and wear from both time and eye. With this thought in mind we made lots of model studies during a few months, which have resulted in three cutlery concepts, in different ways representing the studio’s design values.


The Steelworks cutlery case study  is not commissioned by a client, but a self-initiated project by us in the studio driven by curiousity and a passion for tactility and attention to detail. Therefore, it is unfortunately not available for purchase.

Project information

  • Title: Steel works
  • Project: Cutlery workshop
  • Objects: Three sets of cutlery
  • Client: Prototypes
  • (not in production)
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Design: Jonas Wagell
  • Design assistant: Matthew Roeleveld
  • Year: 2011


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