The Scale of Things (2014)

An independent designers' exhibition in Milan, Italy

In April 2014 six Swedish designers and friends joined forces to organize, fabricate and set-up an independent designers’ exhibition for Milan Design Week in Italy. The exhibition was a collective effort made to present and showcase the designers’ individual works interpreting the concept of scale.

Participating designers were Jonas Wagell, Jens Fager, Färg & Blanche, Matti Klenell, Lukas Dahlén and Folkform.

The designers all have very different expressions and personal approaches to their design work, which led to a diverse, conceptual and aesthetical presentation under a uniform topic. Furthermore, the installation provided a collected view of the designers’ personal form expressions depicted through various types of objects and items from each designer, something that is often lost in the presence of strong producer brands.

Project information

  • Title: The Scale of Things
  • Project: Independent designer exhibition
  • Client: Design On Export (DOX)
  • Location: Spazio Pelota, Brera, Milan
  • Size: 150 sqm
  • Material: Colour dyed MDF, wood rods, red carpet
  • Year: 2014


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