Arja’s Sauna (2013)

Sommarnöjen, Sweden

Commissioned by Sommarnöjen, the leading Scandinavian brand of ecological holiday houses, JWDA interpreted and visualised a range of small wood cabin for sauna, well-being and compact living according to Arja Saijonmaa. Arja is a Finish singer, performer, actor and sauna enthusiast and author of books about traditional sauna culture and wellness.
The Arja’s Sauna range is based on only two structures – a 7.5 sqm cabin and one at 15 sqm. However, the bigger size is designed to look like two small cabins placed together side-by-side.

The simplistic concept includes altogether 18 different versions such as; Sauna cabin, Relax cabin, Bath cabin, Suite, Guest cabin, Storage cabin and more. Also, the range is available in two different versions – Original and Modern – with or without electricity. The Original versions are heated with wood-burning stove and illuminated with oil lamps, but are also built with rougher materials and treated with soap and stain, rather than painted like the modern versions. Furthermore, they can be equipped with herbal roofs if desired. The Modern cabins, on the contrary, include commodities like electrical heating, running water and electric sauna ovens and are painted both inside and out.

Project information

  • Title: Arja's Sauna
  • Project: Prefab cabin range
  • Client: Sommarnöjen
  • Cabin sizes: 7.5 sqm and 15 sqm
  • Design and direction: Jonas Wagell
  • Design assistants: Emma Sjögren / Ellinor Sjöberg / Pauline Lemberger
  • Date: October 2013


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