Flag Candlestick (2012)

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Flag is a minimalist and funky candlestick with a geometric and rigid expression. The Swedish designer Jonas Wagell has created this new interpretation of the classical chamber candlestick – a light candle holder in five warm colours.
In the old days, the chamber candlestick was used to provide light at night. With clear references to the chamber candlestick, Flag has a recognisable function and modern expression and is easily moved by picking up the little flag. Designed to hold a single candle, the candlestick has a classic expression that would suit any interior style.

Jonas Wagell explains: “I was inspired by the language used at sea, where small flags on buoys warn and inform sailors. The base of the candle stick resembles a floating buoy and the little handle a semaphore flag. In the same way as the buoys, the Flag candle stick attracts attention and creates light.”

Project information

  • Title: Flag
  • Object: Candle stick
  • Client: Normann Copenhagen
  • Size: 10 x 10 x 9 cm
  • Material: Die cast zinc
  • Design: Jonas Wagell
  • Year: 2012


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