Focal Light (2016)

Design Within Reach, USA

In essence, Focal Light for Design Within Reach is designed to combine two common typologies of lights; the task light and the bedside lamp. As such, it has to meet the practical needs at the work place as well as mood light by the bed – and perhaps most importantly, it has to look beautiful in both settings. Furthermore, to add extra functionality the base is equipped with a USB port for charging smart phones and other devises. Today, this is an essential function both in a work space and by the bed.

The Focal light is a function-driven product and as such it was important to create a simplistic form without unnecessary decorative elements to support intuitive handling and usage. The main character of the light is the round, oversized switch at the front of the base. It resembles a traditional dimmer knob and clearly communicates the function. However, with regard to users with reduced mobility we have recessed it into the base and transformed it into a push dimmer which quickly levels the light in three steps with a confirming click on the button.

The wide range of use still bares one thing in common; to create a focus around the light. On the desk, but the bed or as a mood maker in the room. Therefore we have called it Focal.


Focal Light is produced in four colours; black, white, light grey and pale green.
Available for 195 USD in DWR stores in North America from August 2016 and online at

Project information

  • Title: Focal Light
  • Object: Desk lamp
  • Client: Design Within Reach
  • Size: 10,5 x 10,5 x 46 cm
  • Materials: Diecast aluminium, steel, plastic
  • Design: Jonas Wagell
  • Year: 2016


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