AGO is a new Korean lighting brand that searches the best balance between beauty and function on lighting to motivate every space.

Creating objects means recording today’s history. AGO develops every object with consideration to that all our work and creations will remain as footage of today in the future. Together with accomplished designers, the company is crafting every object distinctive and bold with meticulous care about quality. Acknowledging how every detail is handled will define the quality of the product, explains design director Mars Hwasung Yoo, we fabricate with in-house and local manufacturers to fully control the quality.

AGO is located in an area of central Seoul named Euljiro. Historically Euljiro has been at the heart of Korean manufacturing industry. Many small factories and workshops remain and it is here we work, collaborating with skilled craftsmen and artisan makers of the area. Our name, AGO, is derived from Korean for old friends ​​— a reference to our region’s history and the new friendships we hope to forge.

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