JWDA x Menu

MENU is a family-run company. They’ve been entrepreneurial since the get-go when the founders acquired a steel factory in rural Denmark in 1978 and started to produce high-quality kitchen and silverware. Now, the MENU family has grown, as have the collections, to include new faces, designers and friends around the world.

In late 2012, Copenhagen based design studio Norm Architects, long-time collaborator with MENU, was appointed the role of creative directors to re-energize the brand and to lead the way into a new era. As one of the first new designer to reach out to, Jonas Wagell was invited in February 2013 to discuss a opportunities.  The first product to come out to the new collaboration was the JWDA Concrete Lamp which may be considered a modern day classic, with thousands of lamps sold world-wide each year since the release in 2014.

After this fortunate start, the collaboration has generated new products to the Menu collection on an regular basis.



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