JWDA x Mitab

In 1979 Jan-Olof Torstensson risked everything. Coming from 15 years of experience and security in one of Sweden’s most renowned industrial spheres. With two kids and a wife at home in a newly built house, he made the decision to start a new business. Teaming up with three colleagues he founded Mitab.

In 2004 the second generation of the family were handed over the responsibility of moving the company forward. The brothers Peter and Marcus immediately started transforming Mitab, aiming for a new level of design consistency and ambition.

At Mitab we believe that honesty lasts, that a simple structured product is better in the long run, says design director Marcus Torstensson. By using a clear graphic design the functionality in our furniture become obvious. We want to create these furniture together with young curious designers, by using methods that have as little affect on the environment as possible.


Jonas Wagell met with Marcus shortly after graduation from design school. In fact, Mitab was the first producer to work with JWDA in collaboration with the Montmartre furniture range which was developed and released at Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2010 as part of the Design Bar project commissioned to Jonas Wagell as an emerging designer.

Today the collaboration is still a valued relationship which has generated a wide range of successful contract furniture with new additions every now and then.

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