Swell Sofa Collection (2013)

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Swell is a minimalist sofa with a playful, light-hearted feel designed by Jonas Wagell. The Scandinavian simplicity of the sofa is accentuated by a stringent design without unnecessary details. In spite of this, Swell oozes with character and personality and its soft, curved shapes make it both inviting and fantastic to sit on. The name Swell is a reference to rising bread with its full shape, consisting of a robust padded back and seat and two bulky armrests. The stitching on the back and the seats divides the sofa into sections and completes the feel.

Jonas Wagell says: “I’ve always been fascinated by minimal form, but I try to add a warm and personal touch to the products. As the name suggests I have taken inspiration from the organic form of rising bread which is fundamentally as simple as it gets, but still attractive to the eye.”

In 2014 new additions to the Swell sofa range was introduced with a two-seat sofa and generous easy chair.


Swell was introduced in 2014 in 21 mottled colors in the Medley fabric range from Gabriel.
New fabrics and finished for 2015 is the Breeze Fusion collection, also from Gabriel.

Project information

  • Title: Swell Sofa
  • Object: Three-seat sofa, two-seat sofa and easy chair
  • Client: Normann Copenhagen
  • Models and sizes:
  • Three-seat sofa 234 x 92 x 70 cm
  • Two-seat sofa 167 x 93 x 70 cm
  • Easychair 102 x 93 x 70 cm
  • Materials: Wood structure, no-zag springs, polyether foam, furniture fabric
  • Design: Jonas Wagell
  • Year: 2012
  • Release year: 2013 and 2014


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